Sporting events such as cricket and hockey games are celebrated like festivals in India. But betting on the games is still not legal according to the current legal situation. This could change with a recent initiative by Indian Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor.

With “The Sports Bill”, Tharoor wants to bring the unregulated sports betting market in India into the 21st century and legalise online and land-based betting.

The South Asian country, which is made up of various states with different ethnic backgrounds, has never been able to establish a unified jurisdiction allowing online indian betting sites due to its religious and political differences.

No clear legislation

Similar to Germany, gambling in India is also a matter for the country. This means that only the federal states are allowed to draft and pass binding legislation on gambling.

Regulations at state level concern at best the prohibition of the event and participation in an illegal gambling, which can be punished with a fine or imprisonment anywhere in India.

Online gambling is also prohibited on the basis of the Information Technology Act 2000.

Only individual states such as Daman, Sikkik and Goa grant licenses for land-based casinos.

If the Indian politician Shashi Tharoor has his way, the huge unregulated market, which is a breeding ground for illegal gambling, will now be re-regulated on a federal basis.

Legal sports betting could help Indian sport

In particular, the online sports betting market, on which numerous bookmakers already operate without licences, urgently needs regulation. The urgency of the project is justified by the high turnover in the online sector.

According to a report by the Indian Legal Commission, unregulated providers will turn over more than 360 million US dollars (approx. 320 million euros) in 2018. Experts estimate that this figure could rise to as much as one billion US dollars (approx. 890 million euros) by 2021.

The Sports Bill, which was introduced into the Indian Parliament a few weeks ago, also aims to protect players and strengthen the integrity of sport.

In the past, there have always been prominent cases of game and betting manipulation. In 2000, for example, several Indian national cricket team players were banned for life for allegedly being involved in match-fraud.

Last year, former Indian national cricket captain Bushan Singh Bedi went so far as to describe the Indian Cricket Premier League as a “platform for money laundering”.

Legal, state-controlled betting, as demanded by Shashi Tharoor, could be a means to solve these problems.

Whether the dream of legal betting in India can actually be realised will be seen in the coming weeks and months. During this time the legislative initiative will be further discussed.

However, too much optimism might be premature. Especially the strongly religiously influenced states of India could have a problem with the legalisation of sports betting and get in the way of the project.


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Do you believe in psychics? This is a topic that can break into a furious debate but what’s your opinion about it? Do you think this thing is real or just a hocus pocus to scam people? The real thing will bewilder you.

The truth about psychics

I think I should confess here that I’m a psychic medium but previously I wasn’t a believer, more of a skeptic person. My mom used to tell me about the well-known medium John Edward, and I never believed her and ignored the topic.

After some years, I noticed some things are happening with me, and this is because I’m too intuitive, and from then, I realized, my mother was right at that time.

After a few years when I became an intuitive reader professionally, I understood the distinction between a believer and non-believers:

If you do not believe psychics then, you won’t understand the way it works, and the task of a real medium and a psychic.

What is the real psychic ability

  • It doesn’t predict the future
  • It’s very subtle
  • It’s not reading the mind

The ability of psychics is vast. There are different types in this in which we get intuitive details.

Skeptic people often ask, Are Psychics Real? They also do not understand the difference between the medium and the clairvoyant, or there are different kinds of reading. So, it happens that all psychic abilities get mixed, and genuine talent gets lost.

Real psychics vs psychics on TV

When you are skeptical about psychics, you get to see them on TV. There was a time when this very thought was a taboo, but gratefully after the movies like Sixth sense and television series like Medium has broadened the thoughts of people, and it has to become mainstream as well.

Before it was portrayed as the mumbo jumbo, but now it has better light. People have become understanding, and they started to regard mediums and intuitive as normal people. The best example here I can give is Ghost whisperer, in there the protagonist could talk to dead people.

People often like to relate with the characters just because they are portrayed as nice and down to earth characters. But other than that, we tend to forget that this is highly fiction, and has little to no reality attached to it. The television series and movies show things that are not accurate all the time and exaggerating as well.

Medium finding a dead body, the truth

I watched Medium and remember one episode where the protagonist was asked by law enforcement to find a missing dead person. In some minutes the character found the buried body. It’s really exciting, but not true at all. I have worked on the same matter of missing people with mediums but it’s not easy. So, you need to realize that these TV series are just fiction and not real.

Why people are skeptic

There are so many reasons people tend to become a non-believer, and the question are psychics real. The reasons are,

One must have a bad experience with the medium or the intuitive reader. It may have happened because the medium or the clairvoyant was not trained.
Also, some must have been scammed

Then, to some people, it goes against their religious beliefs. But we all should respect others religions and beliefs.

Are psychics real: The truth

So, we know that if a kid loves to play football doesn’t become a player with Chelsea. The same thing happens with psychics and their abilities. All people have their talent and skills to talk to communicate with the spirits.

You don’t believe it? Let’s check this

Let me ask you if you have ever met someone and felt too strongly about them, but you just met, and you didn’t understand the reason. It can happen that you have felt the fuzzy and warm feeling or a negative impression. This is your sixth sense, and it picks up from someone else’s energy. This intuitive feeling is the way your inner self communicates with you.

Or you have been thinking of a person who you haven’t seen for a long time, and you get to meet them the next day or get a call from them. Here too, the sixth sense works. Every living being is made with energy. Legitimate psychics who are highly sensitive, have learned the ways to read this energy and they understand the source of it. So, at last, yes, psychics are real.