Psychic awakening is a magical moment in life that connects you to your higher being. It leads you to receive guidance from your intuition. You can hardly find a reason to complain about it. But if you are feeling uncomfortable about your awakening, you should relax and read this article to know what exactly is happening with you. Soon, you would be able to enjoy your awakening and intuitive knowledge. Thank you to to support us with this article.

  1. You & negativity

With awakening becoming more profound, you will be able to pick up on other people’s emotions. This is the state of being an empath. Because you can perceive negative feelings and emotions, you feel drained out when you are around such people. So, to honor your special powers, stay away from people whose emotions are negatively charged.

  1. You & the third-eye

You may feel pressure or a tingling sensation in the third-eye region. This is the location of an important chakra. The sensation means either your chakras are opening up or your sensing faculties are developing into clairvoyance.

  1. Losing old friends

The path leading to psychic awakening is a unique one and this is so that you can grow in your and realize the awakening. This new path may lead you away from your old friends, associations, and things. You should not complain or fret. The cosmos is creating new paths for you and it will put new friends in your paths. So, trust and continue on the path.

  1. You & spirit world

Do you feel the presence of spirits in your life? Do you feel even more connected with the spirit kingdom? Perhaps, now you are in a position to feel the presence of supernatural entity more easily. That means you are in affinity with the spirit world: angels, spirit guides, heaven-bound loved ones. Your psychic awakening can make you feel the presence of the spirits of the loved ones other people. For many people, psychic awakening and intuitive power begin at the same time.

  1. You & your foods

Have you noticed that you wish to eat a plate of salads more than potato wafers? When your intuitive gifts are becoming plentiful, your energy waves are at a higher frequency. To nourish and sustain such higher wavelengths of energy, you need to eat foods with higher vibes like veggies and fruits. These foods make sure your energy is light and benevolent. Some people are driven to choose a completely psychic diet.

  1. Wish to know more and be spiritual

People who have experienced psychic awakening try to know more about the metaphysical world. To them, even all the books in the world are just not enough. It’s because the awakening takes us closer to realizing the soul. The more we read and know about it the more we feel anchored and capable of leading a Zen life.

  1. Frequent vivid dreams

If you are dreaming more frequently or vividly, it may be a sign of awakening taking root in you. It happens because the dreams are facing resistance no longer. Your mind doesn’t question and counters it. In the day when you are awake, you tend to question your intuition or gut feeling but when you sleep and dream, your logical mind does not interfere. Keeping a dream diary in your bed can be a good idea.

  1. Heightened sensitivity

During the early stages of psychic awakening, the sensitivity of your physical senses shows dramatic improvements. You can see things from the corner of your eyes, you see twinkles, and your hearing sensitivity has increased. These may be the signs of psychic awakening and the fact that psychic gifts are becoming stronger.

  1. Intuitive hits

Having an intuition of what is going to happen or the third eye visualization is the sign that your gifts of intuition are awakening. It can be an exciting or scary experience. You can set your intuition to not send you any scary stuff but keep its gifts coming to you. Soon you will become accustomed to your new-found awakening.

  1. Headaches

Many people who are in the process of psychic awakening get headaches when their intuitions are opening up. This is caused by a greater flow of energy. An easy way to combat this is to dip your feet in warm water. It will move the energy away from your head to your feet. You can mix some essential oils or Epsom salt in the water.

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